A Global Wellness Project

Changing the world starts with learning to love yourself.


  1. Creating spaces for you to slow down, breathe, and move through the things that deeply matter.


  1. Custom workshops, group experiences, and insightful courses to inspire you along your path.


  1. Shining light on the human spirit through documentary films and short form storytelling.

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The world needs what only you can give it.

We see you juggling the demands of life with unwavering strength. The constant hustle, the unending deadlines. We feel it too.

That’s why we created Blue Marble – a space where time slows and your authentic self thrives.  Whether it’s a group retreat or a film we produce, our greatest hope is that you feel empowered to show up exactly as you are. 

It's time to invest in yourself.

Peaceful Warrior - A Wellness Retreat For Men

Join us in El Salvador for a 6 day immersive mens retreat. 

January 21 - 26, 2024

Why does art matter?

Beyond The Beat

How can creativity be embraced to uplift mental health? We explore these topics in our feature documentary, Beyond the Beat. The story follows three best friends in Northern Uganda working to organize a creative arts festival. After suffering through painful life events, they each found healing through a different form of art. Now after decades of civil war, they are using creativity to inspire hope and healing in their community. Intended audience: 17 and over.

Coming Soon To Amazon Prime!

We Know Because We’ve Been There

Watch our documentary, Blue Marble Sky, which tells the story of our journey around the world exploring meaning and purpose.

Fletch and Henry met on the first day of college. After life threatening events spiraled us into a depression, we left school searching for meaning. Blue Marble is the overflow of this journey of self exploration and hunger to make everyday count. An unexpected adventure that’s led us, seeking new ways to grow and expand our perspective. Our growing team is made up of trained yoga instructors, award winning filmmakers, mental health advocates, youth directors, and students of this crazy life. Most importantly, we understand the immense challenges the next generation is up against.

Community Matters

The work of personal growth shouldn’t happen in isolated containers. We take a community based approach to growth and aim to foster supportive, connected, and compassionate environments. 

We envision a world in which the well being of people is valued over economic output, test scores, or political agendas. We look forward to working with you to make it a reality.