When Fletch and Henry met in college – we bonded over a shared desire to do things a bit different. After suffering from life threatening events, we were thrown into a depression and forced to question who we were becoming in the process. 

To clear our heads, we decided to launch out on a cross-country road trip. On that trip, we heard a story that would forever change our lives.

A middle-aged man is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and told his time is coming to an end. This man – in complete shock – decides he must change the way he’s approaching his life. He goes to the store and buys a jar and a bag of blue marbles. He makes a choice to live every day as if it’s the most important one he’s ever lived. 


We thought to ourselves - THAT’S IT! If only we can discover what it means for us to live a blue marble day then we’ll be finally be living a life that’s worth something.

What we didn’t realize is that we were about to launch out on a on a journey that continues to this day – living and learning how to live a day that that truly matters. 

This journey led us to….

Travel the world exploring what it means to live a Blue Marble Day, connect with thousands of humans around the globe, interview some of the world’s greatest “Love Experts”, buy and retrofit (in progress) an old school bus, tour our documentary film, even help host an arts festival in Northern Uganda. 

But more importantly than any of the doing, is what these experiences have taught us…

A blue marble day is beyond the circumstances that life presents

Don’t get us wrong — experiences are important and we should aim to create a life that excites us. But let’s be honest, the vast majority of our time is spent concerned with things beyond our control. Additionally, we aren’t all equally positioned whether financially or socially to create the optimal environment around us. A true blue marble day is not situational: it isn’t defined by the people, places, or situation we find ourselves in. Rising above our situation and discovering an appreciation for the moment, no matter the emotion, is how we have learned to spin even the toughest of situations blue.

Pursue love and happiness becomes the output

When we refer to the word love we are essentially calling awareness to the spirit of goodness: kindness, patience, compassion, and selflessness. Our understanding of this word ripples into every area of our existence, profoundly impacting our relationships with ourselves, others, and any higher power. What we’ve discovered is quite simple…the more we open ourselves to love, the more likely happiness is to encounter us along the way.


Humanity is overwhelmingly good

We have witnessed that all around the world, there is another story that is often hidden amongst the mainstream media. One in which real people are sacrificing themselves every day for the good of humanity and working towards a world in which kindness, wholeness, creativity, and community are celebrated as integral parts of the human experience. We seek to celebrate this inherent goodness in hopes of inspiring more of it. 


The coolest thing you can do is be yourself

There’s a whole lot of voices trying to fight there way into our psyche. So many that it’s often hard to know which one’s are really “me”. In the midst of our shared humanity, we each possess a certain uniqueness that is impossible to replicate. Celebrating this expression and empowering its freedom is one of life’s greatest joys. 


With these insights, we’ve created Blue Marble to help you make today a blue marble day, no matter what life throws your way. We are a storytelling company, but we’re also so much more.

Blue Marble is a way of life, a philosophy to live by and a community of people that are tired of floating through their days.



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