Film Screenings

As filmmakers, we believe in the power of stories to transform our lives. For us, we have a passion for telling authentic human stories that expand perspective and inspire hope. So far, we've created two feature documentaries that we believe do just that. We've created engaging educational materials with each film and small group discussion questions to go along with them. Reach out if you're interested in using one of our films in your school or organization:

Blue Marble Sky

(1 hour, 17 mins)

What is love, and why does it really matter? This feature documentary follows Fletch and Henry’s journey leaving school in search of meaning. After meeting a traveling love wizard (long story), they follow him across the world and explore how love can inspire greater purpose in our lives. Along the way, they interview experts across disciplines to learn even more. This film leaves students curious and motivated to love themselves and their peers in a new way. Intended audience (15+)

Beyond The Beat

(1 hour, 02 mins)

Why does art matter? How can creativity be embraced to uplift mental health? We explore these topics (& more) in our feature documentary, Beyond the Beat. The story follows three best friends in Northern Uganda working to organize a creative arts festival. After suffering through painful life events, they each found healing through a different form of art. Now after decades of civil war, they are using creativity to inspire hope and healing in their community. Intended audience: (17+)

Key Takeaways:

– How creativity can inspire self-discovery

– Cross-culture collaboration and lessons from Uganda

– You are creative! How to embrace your uniqueness 

– The larger impact and potential of art

– Expanded cultural perspective and gratitude