Make Today A Blue Marble Day – overcoming depression to discover a life of purpose and joy. A multi-media, mindfulness experience. 

In this dynamic exchange, Fletch and Henry share their highly entertaining story traveling around the world in search of meaning. As we reflect on hard-earned lessons, students are invited to participate and explore their personal narratives and identities. Weaving in elements of yoga and breathwork – Fletch and Henry create a safe space for self-reflection and vulnerability.

This experience allows students to fully embrace their unique story, equips them with practical tools to thrive, and inspires a fresh curiosity for life. Here are some key takeaways from this dynamic talk:

-The windy, arduous journey toward self-acceptance 

-The magic of curiosity and embracing every day as a new adventure

-Why the most critical story is the one we tell ourselves about ourselves 

-How to stay true to yourself in the inevitable craziness of life

-Building a life that feels authentic, exciting, and purposeful