Wellness That Works

Past Partners:

The Mission

Our custom programs create a supportive environment where students can flourish, achieve personal growth, and develop the skills needed to navigate the demands of modern life. Through our multi faceted approach, we address three core objectives:

1. Foster authentic connection

We understand the power of genuine relationships and the importance of feeling connected to peers. By celebrating vulnerability as the cool thing to do, we create a culture that embraces authentic connection. Together, we cultivate creativity, joy, and a sense of belonging.

2. Develop personal identity & purpose

  1. In a high stress environment, its easy to tie our worth to external achievements. Our program provides a space for self reflection and growth, emphasizing the inherent value of each individual. We encourage students to discover their unique identities and find meaning beyond accomplishments.

3. Reduce stress & increase well-being

  1. Amid the pressures of school, finding moments of calm and relaxation is crucial. As trained yoga and meditation practitioners, we create stress free, playful environments that promote overall well being. Our movement and meditation classes uplift mental health, improve self regulation, and enhance mood.

Here are some of the challenges our programs are built to defend against:

Comparison Culture

Lack of Authentic Connection 

Unhealthy Relationship with Technology

Uncertainty about the Future

Negative Self Talk and Self Doubt

Information Overload

Disconnection from Nature

Lack of Mental Health Support

Navigating Identity and Purpose

“Fletch and Henry’s talk made me realize that I am not alone in how I feel sometimes. They allowed me to realize that the downstream moments are moments that many people face and it is not something to be ashamed of, but it is up to us to get back upstream.”

Student, 2023

“I really enjoyed hearing them talk about reframing your mindset to be a positive one the blue marble way. The pressures of an out of college job is very real and I resonated a lot with their response to that. I respected how they did not let life take over instead they started controlling their lives. I also just really appreciated their authenticity and kindness throughout.”

Student, 2023

“Fletch and Henry’s talk was an incredible opportunity to not only hear their stories but to be reminded how important we all are, how worthy we all are, and how much each of us matter to the world. It reminded me to check in on my friends, but to also check in on myself. We are not alone and together we can spread love.”

Student, 2023

Our Approach to Wellness

We see the obvious impact of investing in our physical health but often push our mental and emotional wellbeing to the side. Our programs take a holistic approach and help reduce the strain on schools and organizations.

Meditation + Breathwork

Small Group Sessions

Outdoor Experiences

Movement & Yoga

Wellness Education

Online Community

“Henry and Fletcher are charismatic communicators bringing a message that students, and all people for that matter, need to hear. I met them at an event that had them up in front of a crowd of high school seniors, and the students were locked in, smiling, and loving it the entire time.  In the exit survey those seniors took, the Blue Marble presentation was an overwhelming favorite. Henry and Fletch’s message, their use of movement, sincerity, and an obvious awareness of what folks are thinking and going through, made it an incredible experience for everyone involved.”

Ed Williams, Educator

“Henry and Fletch’s abilities to connect with these kids at their level had a huge impact on discussions around mental health and following a path that is best for them, not what the masses tell them to do.Fletch and Henry displayed their vulnerabilities by going into depth about their personal stories, travels and experiences, and this led to REAL conversations. Our work with Henry and Fletch has exceeded our expectations and we look forward to a partnering with them for future events.”

Heather Bonner, Founder of Mission 34

Movement & Meditation

Engaging in regular yoga and meditation practices has been shown to reduce stress, lower anxiety levels, improve self regulation skills, enhance overall mood, and promote a sense of well being 

(Tolahunase et al., 2018; Khalsa et al., 2016)

Small Group Sessions

Foster a sense of connection and community through peer led small group discussions. Research tells us that participating in small group settings fosters a sense of belonging, reduces feelings of isolation, and promotes emotional well being

(Haslam et al., 2019; Cruwys et al., 2014).

Outdoor Experiences

Step away from screens and embrace the healing power of nature. Engaging in outdoor activities has been linked to reduced stress, improved mood, increased attention restoration, and enhanced overall well being

(Barton & Pretty, 2010; Beyer et al., 2014).

Growth Sessions

Explore important topics related to mental and emotional health through thought provoking discussions, guest speakers, and curated content. By addressing relevant subjects and involving students in the selection process, we aim to maximize the value and engagement of these sessions.

The Process

At Blue Marble, we strive to create a transformative experience that empowers students to thrive mentally, emotionally, and socially. Through our meticulous process, we are dedicated to nurturing student well being and fostering a culture of holistic wellness.

1. Assessing Campus Wellness Environment

We begin by engaging with coaches, trainers, students, and teachers to gain a comprehensive understanding of your campus culture and current wellness landscape. Through these consultations, we identify your specific needs and determine the program’s feasibility within your schedule.

2. Designing a Custom Program

  1. Drawing from our expertise, we collaborate with our team to create a tailor made program that maximizes student wellness. Taking into account your unique requirements, we offer thoughtful recommendations and work together to find the perfect balance.

3. Executing the Program

We believe in a hands on, consistent approach to wellness. Our hybrid model combines in person and online elements, ensuring flexibility to align with student schedules while maintaining maximum engagement and impact.

4. Tracking and Measuring Results

We are committed to assessing the effectiveness of our program. To measure success, we employ various metrics, including quarterly surveys with students and coaches, evaluating participation in other mental and emotional programs, and conducting focus groups to gather direct feedback from students.