“Beyond the Beat” – How Creativity Inspires Hope

Beyond the Beat is an award-winning documentary about the power of creativity to inspire hope and healing.

“Art is the Highest Form of Hope”

Gerhard Richter

Motivated by their painful past, three best friends start a creative arts festival to inspire hope for the next generation in Northern Uganda. Beyond the Beat is the second feature documentary from Blue Marble Studios.


After decades of civil war in Northern Uganda, three best friends start a creative arts festival to inspire hope for a better future. Using therapeutic tools like yoga, painting, dance, and music – the event is sparking a movement of hope in Northern Uganda. The story of its improbable existence evokes a larger conversation on “art” and its unique potential to heal and transform communities worldwide. More than just a film, Beyond the Beat is fueling a movement of people transforming their pain into art.


The seeds of this project began in 2018 when we met a yoga artist and dancer in Kampala, Uganda named Okurut George. As we developed our friendship with Okurut, we learned of his inspiring work in impovershed communities. He invited us to return for an arts event that he and his friends were hosting, called Beyond the Beat. We didn’t realize just how healing and impactful this event was for the youth in the North. As we’ve immersed ourselves in this story, it’s changed who we are and what we’re living for. Our time in Uganda inspired us to get yoga certified and begin organizing around art in the U.S. This project is a true catalyst for creativity and a testament to the human spirit. We’re honored to be entrusted with this story and can’t wait to share it with you soon.


In 1988 – famed cult leader Joseph Kony rose to power in Northern Uganda – forming a brutal militia group known as the Lord’s Resistance Army. Determined to overthrow the Ugandan government – Kony sparked a civil war that would terrorize the country for two decades.

During this time – the LRA targeted young children as soldiers, abducting over 30,000 kids from their homes, brainwashing them, and arming them to kill. Thousands were murdered in the streets, and nearly two million people were forced into government-run camps riddled with violence and disease. Paralyzed with fear – the victims of this brutal war were left with the impossible task of transitioning back to any sort of “normal.”

Today, the situation in Northern Uganda is still deeply unstable. After changing the constitutional term limits, Yoweri Museveni is in his 38th year as President. Relentless in his efforts to retain power, Museveni has threatened the safety of anyone who opposes his rule.


Beyond the Beat aims to create a tangible impact in the region in which its filmed. To scale our impact from this project, we’ve partnered with the Hope Center in Northern Uganda. Their stated mission is “to empower marginalized post-conflict communities with the technical skills and creative mindsets required to succeed in a developing world.”

In addition, we plan to bring Okurut, Message, and Totem over to the US to tour the film and engage different communities with yoga/dance/mediation programming.


At Blue Marble, we specialize in telling raw, honest stories that ignite hope and inspire empathy. This is the second feature-length documentary from Blue Marble. Reach out if you’re interested in using this film to inspire your community or becoming a producer on the project.


We are in the process of submitting Beyond the Beat to festivals around the world. The project is a feature-length documentary film (62 mins). Here is the list of our awards, so far:

Golden Horse International Film Festival (Winner)

Black Film Summit (Selection)

Toronto International Documentary and Short Film Festival (Selection)

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